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At Origin Pilates we offer classes for all bodies. We schedule regular group reformer class, classic mat, or private 1 on 1s to support your fitness goals. The studio is equipped with reformers chairs, towers and a mix of props to maximize your strength and tone your beautiful body. Memberships include free monthly clinics and guest instructor visits. Classes are tailored to anyone from beginners to advanced level Pilates enthusiasts!

Our studio is in the quaint Sellwood neighborhood at 8628 SE 17th Avenue between Clatsop and Marion.


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Call Beth with questions at 503 333-6273.

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Schedule an introductory session by calling Beth at 503 333-6273


Private or Semi

1:1 $65  or  1:2 $32

Build deep muscle groups to prevent injury, move safely, and/or prep for group class. Customized to your specific needs with lots of challenge.

$320 for 5pk   /   $630 for 10pk


$96 for 3pk  /  $192 for 6pk


1:4  •  $40

Take a reformer or chair class within a small group setting. Increase your flexibility, stability and stamina in these equipment sessions. Modifications and building blocks offered as needed.

$172 for 5pk   /   $340 for 10pk


1:5  •  $22

Mat Pilates builds your muscles from the inside out. Lengthen and strengthen your body as you move through this challenging 55 minute classical format.

$114 for 6pk   /   $180 for 10pk

Monthly Memberships

Make a regular commitment to your fitness plan. A membership helps keep you moving and feeling great. Free monthly clinics and guest instructor visits. Support the life you want to create!

$280 for Reformer 10pk

$265 for Reformer 5pk + Mat 5pk


New Clients

Students new to Pilates will build an understanding of the Pilates movement system and its equipment during private 1:1 sessions. These sessions give us a solid chance to review where you are physically and review any health issues needing attention. This time allows us opportunity to collaborate on putting a real plan in place that follows your fitness goals.


Three 55 minute 1:1 sessions   /  $210 for 3pk

Schedule your Introductory Package by calling Beth at 503 333-6273 or
originpilatespdx@gmail.com (new clients only)



Beth Marquis, PEAK Certified Pilates Instructor & Owner

“As a Pilates Instructor, my focus is to guide and cheer students toward their fitness goals – be it to better their bodies, relieve stress or reduce chronic pain. My day is a success when an exercise becomes a healthy habit that my student can rely on for improved everyday living.”

Beth has studied Pilates since 2009. An active lifestyle has always been a priority for her. When chronic shoulder pain prevented many of her daily activities she turned to Pilates. After a few classes she realized the exercises were similar to her PT homework. The difference was, it was fun! It was fabulous for toning, strengthening, retraining poor muscle patterns, building better posture, and it included a mind-body connection similar to yoga. This beautiful movement system became her passion and she soon received her certification through PEAK Pilates. 


As an instructor, Beth combines fundamental techniques with both mat and equipment session for beginner to experienced students. In her teaching, she is committed to partnering with students to reach the results they are seeking.

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8628 SE 17th Ave, Portland, Oregon 97202

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8628 SE 17th Ave., Portland, OR 97202 originpilatespdx@gmail.com •  503 333-6273